“My experience with Valerie has been amazing! She is knowledgable, personable, and has helped me achieve great progress towards my goals.  The best therapist I’ve ever worked with!”


“Valerie is an exceptionally caring and professional therapist.  I found her ability to be insightful and helpful without imposing personal judgement refreshing. I feel very comfortable being open and revealing, which helps in my own personal progress.”  


“We came to Valerie feeling broken, like we lost our way and unsure how to move forward. She helped us make sense of our reality, honestly understand where we were, why we were there, and provided hope for the future. In a few short months she showed us how to connect and helped us see our relationship could be even better that we’d ever considered possible!”


“To say that Valerie has forever changed our lives is no exaggeration.  Her kindness and her compassion combined with extraordinary intelligence and knowledge has helped our family tremendously.  She was able to help us define the problem, understand the solutions and give us the courage and encouragement to make the needed changes. With her help, we have made lasting improvements that continue to bless our family. “


“Valerie has made such a powerful influence in my life for good. I feel so blessed to be able to share my difficulties with her and to feel of her compassion, care, and expert advise that has helped heal my soul.”


“Over the past year that I have been going to counseling I have had to face my deepest secrets, secrets I was keeping even from myself.  During that time Valerie stood by my side encouraging me, loving me, and when the time was right, telling me the hard truths that I didn’t want to see.  Though it all, even the hardest times, I could feel her love and her passion to guide me towards recovery.”  


“Having the pleasure of working with Valerie has allowed me to view my childhood with a healthy perspective, develop tools to process information, and has strengthened my faith in myself.  I am much more confident and vulnerable not only in my marriage, but with my friendships and professional relationships as well.”


 “Valerie has been an answer to our prayers for help with major marital problems we were facing.  We felt comfortable with her almost immediately because of her sense of ease, compassion, and understanding for the difficult issues we faced.  Her expertise on addiction and healthy sexuality has been invaluable, helping us have a better understanding and a vision for our marriage.  Her thoughtful and sensitive counsel always seem to be timely. She has been an amazing blessing for our marriage!”