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Join A Support Group

Do you feel pretty alone in your faith expansion journey and have you found the Latter Day Struggles Podcast to be a lifeline?  Join one of Valerie’s support groups!  In these groups you will meet others on this journey and benefit from 4 hours a month of Valerie’s guidance, instruction, coaching, and friendship.  


Learn from Valerie

Are you a Latter Day Struggles group member wanting to personally go deeper into many of the subjects that Valerie covers in her support and growth groups?  Or is group work not your thing but you want to slowly work through the material at your own pace?  Purchase a course and enjoy video instruction, reflection questions, journal prompts, and the opportunity to learn and grow at your own pace.


1:1 Consultations

Are you in need of some 1:1 time with Valerie to talk about some specifics of your faith expansion journey?  Valerie offers time-limited individual or couples consultations to help you feel peace, clarity, and some confidence in your unique struggles.  Sign up now!


Meet our faith expansion therapy team!

Do you desire personal long-term therapy/coaching on issues including but not limited to faith expansion?  Valerie has a team of professional colleagues who can help you find healing.

Hi, I’m Valerie!

I'm a therapist, educator, podcaster, learner, lover of truth, healing, laugher, movement, and people!

Hi there! You likely came here because you are interested in addressing ideas within the LDS faith tradition that many people struggle with but are too afraid to talk about. I address challenging and important topics that affect members of the LDS faith. I firmly but respectfully question anything that seems to cause shame, suffering, and struggle for individuals, couples and families. My faith expansion support groups are a place for openness, dialogue, and for those interested in developing spiritual and psychological agency.


We have been participating in a Latter-Day Struggles small group for the past 4 months and it has been amazing! Valerie has helped us work through so many of our struggles and is teaching us so many valuable skills. Having a small community that feels safe has been so validating. The group has provided not only great validation for our thoughts and feelings, but has been a very safe and positive forum to share and listen in a way that allows us to accept ourselves and others wherever we may be on our spiritual journeys. It has been a life-changing experience for us.

Terri and Dan

The growth and healing I have experienced in working with Valerie have been immense. In the past, it would have been difficult to put into words and express my learning and gratitude, but Valerie has helped me put words to what I always wondered, was feeling, but was afraid or felt wrong to explore.

I started listening to the Latter-Day Struggles podcast in June of 2022 and the two ideas that first rang true for me, that I had been making myself feel toxic guilt over since a youth in church, was the first episode about the viewpoint of God’s love being contingent on righteousness (which I have now discarded) and the idea that thoughts are bad (also discarded).  I began to separate out my relationship with God and institution, culture and doctrine, began to learn how to sit in tension with the fallibility of humans, from leadership down to neighbors, acknowledge a complex history, and seek to progress through stages of spiritual development.

This was a turning point in my understanding and came at a time when I had recently gone through extreme suffering and life experiences that led me to finally ask deeper questions. This prompted me to join one of the small groups with Valerie. In doing this group work with Valerie, she has helped me feel permission to be me, to be enough, and feel loved just like I am. She has helped me discover my true self and what it means to have a voice. I have come to realize that I am not alone in my thoughts and views, that there is a growing tide of my brother and sisters who desire healthy change and true community. She has helped me deconstruct and begin to reconstruct my faith in a healthier perspective, one in which I employ intention and personal choice. I choose. I don’t abdicate my spiritual growth responsibility anymore; I actively participate and direct my wonderings and inspiration. I have more genuinely sought a relationship with my Heavenly Parents than ever before and look forward to continued growth.

Thank you, Valerie!


Valerie’s online groups have been life changing. Navigating a faith transition was tough to begin with and became even more difficult as we found ourselves on different pages from each other. Relationships with certain orthodox family members became difficult as well. The tools we’ve learned and gained from this group and from the Latter Day Struggles Podcast have been invaluable as we’ve navigated this journey together. 


Valerie's Book Shelf:

Now this is a “shelf” we can support loading up!  Are you curious about all those books Valerie is always talking about?  Here is a conclusive list of the books that she has read and/or listened to in the past many years.  Please scroll and order feel free to order on Amazon via this website!