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September 2024 — February 2025


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Valerie offers an advanced curriculum for those who wish to continue in their faith expansion support group journeys beyond the initial 6 months.

frequently asked questions

What is the duration of my subscription?


6 Months

What will I receive when I join a Latter Day Struggles Support and Processing Group?


  • 4 hours a month (three 80 minute sessions) of synchronous time with Valerie where she will offer mini-master classes, answer questions, facilitate group processing of a variety of faith-expansion related conversations, and work with individual group members in periodic individual coaching sessions.
  • Small group breakout sessions after each group gathering. For those interested in going deeper into the content in each of our synchronous meetings (and for those who prefer processing in smaller group settings) Valerie creates breakout rooms of 4-5 people after each group session.  Several members find this a wonderful opportunity to process some of their most important faith expansion work with a few other open hearts and open minded people.
  • Between session communication with your own support group via a closed Facebook Page and a current-members-only Marco Polo Group. These are places where members of the group process group experiences together, support one another in their real-life challenges, and reinforce the reality that we are not alone in this journey.
  • Closed “Combined Group” Facebook Group for all current members of ALL of Valerie’s groups where current group members from all groups can find more connection, discover others in their geographic area, and enjoy periodic Facebook LIVE Question and Response Sessions with Valerie and Nathan as well as other special guest speakers.
  • Guest podcast opportunities.  Valerie occasionally has group members come on the podcast as guests to share their own experiences in faith expansion.  Val frequently gets requests from listeners who want to share…and she limits guest appearances to those whom she knows and loves personally :).
What is the Curriculum Overview?

Month One/Two:  Introductions. Creating the Foundation of Personal Authority, Depth work in coming into deeper contact with our sovereign selves including instruction on true self, false self, shadow self, and the creation and sharing of identity statements, which create a strong foundation for one’s faith expansion journey.  Individual 1:1 coaching session with volunteer group member.

Month Three: Stages of faith development and group sharing of when their “shelf broke”.  Processing of one’s own past and current faith stage.  Processing of order/disorder/reorder within our own lives.  Individual 1:1 coaching session with volunteer group member.

Month Four:  Introduction of Wheel of Wholeness, which walks group members through the cyclical experience of letting go of unhealthy patterning and reclaiming one’s own personal authority in all areas of life.  Processing of group members signifiant influences in each life. Processing of significant experiences where group members adopted unhealthy patterns and ideas about themselves and the world around them.

Month Five/Six:  Processing of the personal decisions of what to reject and what to ratify within one’s own emerging spiritual life.  Processing of how to reconcile the inevitable complexities that come with recreating one’s paradigms in the face of former beliefs and commitments to others. Processing how to renegotiate one’s emerging (and evolving) self in the context of a new relationship with others and the church.  Individual 1:1 coaching session with volunteer group member.

What is the tuition cost?


$100 per month.  This can be paid in full [$600] or in smaller installments. Options are available at checkout.

What is your refund policy?

Many people feel immediately bonded to their group due to the intense isolation they have felt leading up to the discovery of the Latter Day Struggles Podcast and this group experience.  However, it is entirely common for the group experience to be intimidating early on and it can take a few months to truly warm up to your cohort and get comfortable with the beauty of this process.   Therefore, Valerie does not offer refunds for those unsatisfied with their group experience but invites people to see the process through and give the experience a full six months. 

Am I a good fit?


As you all likely know, this is a group for those of us trying to have a healthy relationship with the LDS church “on the edge”…of either the inside or the outside.

While I totally respect the hearts of the orthodox believer and also respect the legitimate reasons for the anger and frustration felt by the individuals who have left the faith in unresolved ways, this group is probably not a good fit for folks on either of these opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you have stepped away but are still navigating your experience and see yourself as neither “in” or “out”, I think this would be a great fit for you too.

From my psychology background, I am just wanting to form the expectation that we gather with a heart to be as psychologically healthy and open to truth and to the lived experience of each other and in approaching the complexity of our united concerns with love, openness, and respect.

Can’t wait to meet you!  HERE is the link to enroll for your group!  So far they have filled up fast so jump in before they are full!