How to support the podcast and subscribe to bonus content

01. From the Homepage

Go to the Latter Day Struggles podcast show page on

Find the subscribe link in the show description.

02. enter information and subscribe

Enter your details and click “Subscribe”

03. Confirmation

To unlock the podcast and listen, either:

    • Tap Activate on Spotify
    • Or, copy the Private RSS Link and paste it into any podcast app 

You will also receive a confirmation email from Spotify. You can click “Open on Spotify” to access the content in the Spotify app, or you can copy and paste your private RSS link into your preferred podcast listening app.

04. Accessing content

Using Spotify to Listen

Using Your Private Feed in Other Apps:

Click the “Open on Spotify” button on your confirmation email. The content will now be available in your podcast feed.

When you subscribe to a paid podcast, you get a private RSS feed that you can use to listen on the listening app of your choice.

You can find your private feed in the confirmation email you receive after subscribing.


You can find instructions on adding your RSS Feed by clicking on the following links:

Thank you again for supporting latter day struggles podcast!