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A Couple’s Guide to LDS Faith Crisis and Expansion — Part II

Course Curriculum

Accepting Stages of Faith Within a Marriage
understanding that stages of faith development are normal and can be expected. they are a part of a normal human experience and indicate that you are growing and developing.

  • “Stages of Faith” Defined
  • Stages of Faith — Who Cares?
  • Stages of Faith in Your Relationship

Strengthening Marriage Through Understanding the LDS Faith Crisis Report
develop the skillset to build intimacy and connection around challenging topics. internalize the reality that each partner can be in different stages of faith and that together you can still navigate a beautiful marriage and family life. success is more about two human beings that love each other deeply and support one another's growth and development.

Building a Sound House During Faith Expansion
learn about building a framework in your relationship using Dr. John Gottman's Sound Relationship House Theory. While the theory primarily focuses on relationship dynamics, it can also help couples navigate challenging times when one or both partners are experiencing shifts in their beliefs or they are grappling with a faith crisis.


Material Includes

  • Downloadable PDF of workbook.