“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back to the crowd.”  –Max Lucado

First of all…what a great quote.  And who doesn’t love Max Lucado?  If you don’t know this author, snuggle up your favorite child (full grown or otherwise) and read “You Are Special” and you’ll fall in love with this man too.

His quote inspires me.  When I think about leading an orchestra I think of my two high school daughters’ crazy orchestra teacher and how they love the orchestra first and foremost because they love HIM.  He is fearless and funny and loves high school kids (a true gift).  He teaches his students to love music and to work together.  He teaches them to connect their hearts through their various instruments.  He teaches them that they can come together and be good at something.

And then he gets up in front of a huge auditorium and locks in on them with his back to the crowd.  As I have watched this phenomenon over and over again I am self-conscious for him.  I’m like, “dang, what would I wear that would flatter my butt if I were the conductor?”  Yep.  Those are my thoughts.

The whole point here is that when you are the conductor, you are so immersed in the greatness in front of you that you can’t be worried about what goes on behind you.  Not their opinions (about your butt or otherwise), their criticisms, or even their possible lack of interest.

My daughters’ orchestra conductor courageously led his orchestra through a phenomenal concern one evening whilst aware that the entire audience were on their iPhones watching a Royals World Series Game.  If he cared, we didn’t know it.  He turned his back on the crowd and passionately led his team of musicians.  It was beautiful.  And courageous.  Not sure if the Royals faired  well with their bats that night but in my estimation he hit it outta the park with his baton.

How can I learn to turn my back on my “crowd” and do my own flavor of greatness?  What about you?