Episode 173: Grace as a Backup Plan or the Original Intention of God? With Adam Miller (Part I of IV) Transcription


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    In this first episode of a fascinating 4-part series with Adam Miller, Valerie and Adam dive into a thought-provoking discussion about the concept of grace, focusing on the larger Christian and Latter-day Saint traditions.

    Adam shares his insights from his book "Original Grace," emphasizing that grace should be seen as the original intention of God rather than a backup plan.

    Val and Adam explore why grace is often viewed as a backup plan, reflecting on human nature and our instinctual need for survival. They also touch on the topics of justice and heterodoxy, setting the stage for the next episode's deeper exploration.

    Join Valerie and Adam in this captivating conversation that challenges traditional interpretations and paves the way for a more nuanced understanding of grace and its implications in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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