Generation Xhausted
Generation Xhausted
Episode 37: Series 8 [Part 1 of 4] Who's Taking Care of the Caregiver?

In today’s podcast you’ll meet Valerie’s guest and former client Amber, a young single mom who overcomes huge challenges in her life and talks about how deciding that she could ask for support by coming to therapy might have been the biggest challenge of all. 

Before meeting Amber, Todd and Val explore a little about how very difficult it is for so many of us to allow ourselves to feel our emotions, much less share them with others, and they relate this phenomenon with what we all may be experiencing worldwide in the complex emotional experiences that are coming up thru worldwide isolation due to covid-19.  

As parents at home with our children, we are all feeling a lot of complicated emotion. This exploration of the overcoming of suffering and learning how to feel and deal healthily with emotion might be just what you need!