Podcast Subscription Information and FAQ

Have You Heard?

We’re switching our podcast host site!

That’s right! Thanks to all of you and your amazing support for our Latter Day Struggles community, we have outgrown our little home at Spotify, and to make your experience better, we are moving to Buzzsprout.

We know this is a big ask of you to make the switch, so we want to offer your first month’s subscription for $3, whether you are a loyal subscriber or brand new.

You Might Be Thinking, “What Do I Have to Do?

We’re so glad you asked!

Instructions on how to Switch Your Subscription from Spotify to Buzzsprout


3 Steps to Complete–Follow All Three!

Step 1: Subscribe to the Podcast

Set up your subscription through Buzzsprout by clicking on the following link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2363568/supporters/new

If you need to learn more about subscribing to Buzzsprout, go to FAQs for Podcast Supporters: https://www.buzzsprout.com/help/185-faq-supporters

Step 2: Choose Your Listening Platform

Choose which platform you’d like to use to listen to Latter Day Struggles by clicking on the following link: https://latterdaystruggles.buzzsprout.com/share

Note: Not all listening apps support a personal RSS Feed. That includes Spotify, PodBean, Podcast App, Podomatic, DoublePod, PodcastHD, and PodcastOne.

If you run into any issues following our show or subscribing to the Friday episodes, send our support team an email, and they can help: support@buzzsprout.com

Step 3: Unsubscribe from Spotify

Go to the email box associated with your Spotify account and use your search bar to search for an email from “Spotify for Podcasters” titled “Monthly subscription confirmation for Latter Day Struggles”. These messages can be in your primary mailbox or the spam/ junk folders. You should receive one every time a monthly subscription payment is debited. 

Inside the email, there should be a link to cancel the subscription at the very bottom of the email in small text.

If you can’t find the monthly subscription email, try looking for the confirmation email you received when you first subscribed to the podcast. You should find the cancellation link there. Make sure to check spam/junk and trash folders. 

If you have no luck with that, please contact Spotify’s Support Team, and they will continue to assist you: https://www.spotify.com/us/about-us/contact


Q: When can I make the switch?

A: You can subscribe to the Latter Day Struggles Podcast on Buzzsprout starting May 31st (Just in time for a don’t-miss episode!), and you have until June 27th to subscribe. Starting June 28th, you won’t have access to our podcast on Spotify.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Because we are expanding as a community, it was clear that we needed to make a move that would better support you, our loyal listeners.

Q: Will the subscription price change?

A: During our migration, your first month’s subscription price will be only $3. After that, the subscription will return to its regular price of $10.

Q: What happens if I don’t subscribe?

A: You’ll still be able to access the free Monday episodes like usual.

Q: I have questions; how should I get in touch?

A: You will get the fastest response by emailing Buzzsprout at support@buzzsprout.com, but if you still need help after that, admin@latterdaystruggles.com

Q: I’m a paid subscriber on Spotify. What happens if I don’t switch my subscription by June 27th?

A: On June 28, 2024, Latter Day Struggles will disable all Spotify subscriptions. No further fees will be charged. From that point, subscribers will have access to paid content for the next 30 days, or until the last date of their billing period. After that, subscription-only episodes will no longer be available on Spotify. 

Q: Do I need to download the Buzzsprout app?

A: No, you don’t! The only app you need is the app for the platform you are listening on (Apple Podcasts, etc…) In fact, the Buzzsprout app is only for podcasters–so if you want to start your own podcast, that is when you’d download the Buzzsprout app.

Still Have a Question?

Additional FAQs are found on the Buzzsprout FAQ page–check those out, and you’ll probably find your answer!