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 I have  a Master’s Degree in counseling with special training in marriage and family counseling.  I have advanced training and clinical experience in family systems work, childhood trauma, sexual health and sexual addictions treatment and recovery, play therapy, attachment/differentiation  work, and depth psychology.  I own and operate a private therapy practice and enjoy working with individuals and couples in all life stages, weaving elements of emotional, spiritual, mental, and relationship wellness into my clinical work.   


My passion is teaching.  I have assisted in the instruction of graduate courses in counseling education and have been invited to speak at numerous local and national events but really have found my “niche” in working with people who find themselves desperate and depressed in midlife, when things seem to be stagnant at best and  falling apart at worst. I have helped countless people through this midlife passage and do so formally as a corporate psychologist for a large national company and now here on this website where my reach is worldwide.  I am in midlife myself and have experienced elements of midlife exhaustion and revival in every area possible, which is why I am passionate about seeing you through your journey.  I get you.  And I am so glad that you are here.  


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