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A Couple’s Guide To LDS Faith Crisis and Expansion


Establishing Safety as a Couple
I'm going to talk with you about a framework that will help the two of you recognize how to be there for each other in this challenging time. It's going to help you recognize how to be there for each other in challenging conversations. It's also going to help em raise your levels of empathy for the unique experience that your partner is having throughout this class and all of my courses, I will do these little modules, and every single module is going to end in an opportunity for the two of you to pause and to reflect to each other, to share what your thoughts are, to share what your feelings are.

  • Introduction
  • What are Your Resiliencies as a Couple?
  • The Chaos You Are Feeling
  • Another Option

The Growth-oriented Marriage

Healthy Stress Management and Sharing Your Faith Development Narrative


Material Includes

  • Workbook PDF