Join Valerie and the GenX Group as she walks them through the “boundaries checklist” and specifically focuses on 2 volunteers in the group who offer to be examples of how to work through the checklist in their specific situations.  In these situations, Vaelrie works with one member regarding boundary violations in an intimate relationship and how to manage the felt experience when this happens, what she feels, how these stuck feelings relate to her own childhood, and how her style, boundary myths, and concerns about her own and her family’s well-being is impacted by her choice to make and keep healthy boundaries.  In the second case, Valerie works with a man in the group who struggles to say “no” and consequently finds himself evading and avoiding loved ones and friends.  In this conversation they talk about how he lives in the fear of disappointing others, where this fear came from, and how this fear is mostly ill-founded based on feedback from those who are generally able to take in his “no” and value his authenticity.