n this POWERFUL group conversation, the group goes deep into 3 questions about boundaries.  First we dive into how to navigate a work setting where one of our group members has the job of assigning others to cover shifts and how much this leads him to either do this extra work himself or go through massive anxiety about asking.  The group discusses the multiple levels of boundary work in this scenario, including how protective it is for this manager to keep boundaries that create a healthy culture in their company.  Next the group talked about the multi-layered issue of sex and how to navigate a high-desire and a lower-desire sexual relationship.  We talked about sexual development issues, issues around safety in the emotional relationship, and what meanings each partner is making in the transaction of asking for sexual connection.  We also talked about how loaded this question (and the answer is) when we are attaching huge meaning about our selfhood to questions of sex and how important personal develoment is in navigating this area of life.  Finally, we talked about parenting the most challenging of children and how to boundary ourselves and younger children while still loving a child who is suffering but also hurting others or breaking the law.  Lots of depth and goodness here!