Long Description: Valerie asks the group the following questions and they discuss:
1.  What do you consider your strengths?  Can you imagine where their opposites in your unconscious?
2.  Examine the key patterns in your relationships.  Where does the shadow manifest itself in them?
3.  If you are in an intimate relationship, what annoys you most about your partner?  Remember, you chose this person for a reason–they embody aspects of your shadow.
4.  Where do you repeatedly undermine yourself, flee from your best riskiest self?  Where do you stay small?
5.  Where are you stuck in your life?
6.  Where do mom and dad (literal or metaphorical other ‘big people’ or governing institutions) govern your life?
7.  Where do you refuse to grow up and persist in waiting for rescue from some bigger, stronger, or supposedly smarter other?